Fade hairstyles are easy to maintain, as well as very versatile, which means they look great on just about anyone, but perhaps the best part is that they are almost always in style.

Below are three fade haircut ideas to serve as inspiration for the modern man.

The Long-on-Top Fade

The long-on-top fade is among the most popular haircuts, and for good reason: it looks awesome with just enough volume on top and suits the casual look as well as the formal look. Although it probably doesn't hurt that David Beckham has been seen sporting the long-on-top fade as his go-to look frequently in recent years.

Military-Inspired Fade

From David Beckham and his go-to look, we look at another iconic alpha male in Brad Pitt. Although Brad has given up his military-inspired fade, it doesn't mean it's not worth giving it a go yourself since it's so easy to achieve and maintain A military-inspired fade sports super-high on top and shave the sides, similar to a Mohawk except the top is combed straight back for a sleek look.

High Skin Fade

Tom Hardy's look from his recent role in Taboo is another source of inspiration for fade aspirants, albeit one that borders on looking like another crop cut.

The edgy crop with a high skin fade on the sides will make the top look longer topped. Add a cat scratch for a different look is excellent for those looking to try out something more unique and scruffier.

Whether it's for just your annual look do-over or you're just looking to change your life with minimum effort, these fade hairstyles for the modern man will definitely be a winner.