One of the favorite hairstyles to wear during summer is a French braid since you can manipulate it many ways and it is comfortable to wear. Here are three ways to wear your French braid.


The Classic French Braid

Divide your hair into a two sections making a centre part. Separate each piece into three similar sections.  Braid the three pieces into one piece to form two long braids. Braid the hair in whatever direction you prefer. You can spritz your hair with hairspray, and fasten the tail end of your two braids together with elastic.


Sweet Side Braids

Wash your hair and apply hair oil that enhances the wave of your hair. Use your hands to scrunch your hair to give it body then allow it to air-dry. Create a center part and divide your hair into two pieces. Subdivide the pieces into three and braid them circularly according to the shape of your head to make two French braids while allowing equal pieces of hairs just above your ears to loosely hang down.


Glam Braided Bun

Tame any frizz by spreading a quarter-size product of smoothing cream on your hair. French braid a two inch wide segment of hair from behind your ears; set aside. Braid the remaining hair into one braid and coil it into a bun. Wrap the right braid from behind your ear around the bun and clip to the bun. Do the same with the left braid.


These hairstyles are easy to make and will give you a nice look depending on the style you have chosen. If you want your French braids to shine, rub a bit of pomade or apply a shine spray to your hair.