It has been said many times before that a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, and one of the most iconic go-to cuts for women who want to try something new and different is the pixie haircut.

However, the same old pixie haircut just won't cut it anymore these days. For those looking to change their hairstyles, here are three new versions of the pixie haircut that you absolutely should try.

Greased-Back Faux Pixie

Leave it to Natalie Portman to defy convention once again.

More than a decade after sporting an iconic buzz cut for the V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman decided to have a major makeover again for her role as a pop star named Celeste in the movie Vox Lux. Though it looks like a freshly chopped pixie cut at first glance, it's actually more of a faux bixie with her waves slicked back, which is fitting for the rocker chic look for her latest role.

The Pink Pixie

Speaking of defying norms, Katy Perry is at it again with her latest pixie haircut. Though the cut is not atypical, the color is anything but normal.

Dying her hair pink after supposedly falling "in love with many different cherry blossoms from Tokyo to South Korea", the 33-year-old's new pink pixie is a different take from the platinum blond look that she once wore for a while.

Loose Waves Pixie Cut

Whoever thought that Katie Holmes would stray away from her usual shoulder-length locks and step out at the Grammy Awards with a unique take on the pixie cut? For the ultimate hair transformation for the second-half of 2018, look no further than Katie's latest, old-school style pixie cut.

So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark this page and show off the pictures to your go-to salon to get your haircut today!