Melissa McCarthy is a proud owner of the clothing line called Seven7. Her goal is to offer plus-sized women a fashionable look. It all started because she was disappointed in how the many designers she talked to didn’t want to make a dress that would fit her figure for the Oscars awards back in 2012. After that, Melissa realized that plus-sized women all over the world have the same problem, and had a brilliant idea to fill in that gap in the fashion market.

She came up with the idea of the Seven7 clothing line, and even though this line is characterized as for plus-sized women, the Home Shopping Network offers models of her brand that range from size 4 to 28.

McCarty stated that she wants to do all clothing sizes because she found it strange that fashion giants stop at certain sizes, even though in real life there are women of all sizes. She felt that this is unfair, and wanted to allow plus-size women to feel glamorous when they wanted to. It seems that Melissa was right on the spot! It turned out that women from all over the world, regardless of their size loved what her brand stands for. She showed the famous brands that the market demands all sizes, not just skinny. To be more precise, 65% of female buyers are plus-sized. In fact, her idea was so brilliant that the $19.9 billion plus-size clothing market has become mainstream.

As a result, many designers are following her lead and now, more and more retailers offer glamorous dresses in plus sizes. For example, Rachel Roy added a line of “curvy” clothing to her Macy’s mid-priced line, and Rebel Wilson started targeting plus-sized teenagers.