Your eyebrows have the potential to transform the facial appearance from dull to attractive. If your eyebrows happen to be over-tweezed, and you find yourself pressed for time,  you only need to use some powder and pencil to conceal the gap.

This works even for those who have thin eyebrows. So, everyone can get thick eyebrows using these two weapons. But it is important not to do it by self. Get some professional help.

The reason we get to over-tweeze our eyebrows is out lack of experience or because we don't have any idea of what we are headed for. Tweezing should be proceed step-by-step. 

Do take some time after a bit of tweezing, and look at yourself in the mirror to gauge the depth of  your work. Remember, the shape of the final eyebrows is as important. 

You should never do anything to spoil the final shape of your eyebrows. The difference between the natural and perfect shape can be a single plucked strand. So, be very careful.

It becomes very important to consult a professional when it comes to a perfect eyebrow. This is the only way to avoid getting into a parallax. 

There is a big difference between what you see in the mirror, and how you really look.  It is not possible for anyone to do it by themselves. 

The accurate shape can never be arrived at by doing it yourself. You are going to need some professional help. If it is not a professional, you can get a friend's help. In all cases, it is very difficult to get the results without help.