Popsugar Beauty is part of Popsugar Inc., a global media and technology company that delivers "inspiring, informative, and entertaining multi-platform content across entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, parenting, news and more."

Popsugar’s mission is to empower female optimism and dreams around the world. They do this by combining data, technology, and storytelling to share ideas to stay beautiful, healthy, and confident.  

Popsugar Beauty provides makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and products reviews. As the YouTube channel description states, "Learn insider tricks from our beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson, celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists and more. We've got everything from hair tutorials, nail art tricks, skin care tips, and more."

We have collected five things that you can learn from Popsugar Beauty. 

Lip Gloss

Popsugar beauty provides a line of ten different tones of lip gloss.  The great thing about these products is that you can wear them casually and always carry them with you. Apply your favorite to match your outfit. Sometimes that is all you need. 

Haircare is a beauty routine

Routine is part of our lives. From picking up the same latte from the same barista every morning to our five-step beauty ritual before going to bed, the hair is a usually forgotten and should be included to have same care. Consider giving your hair a special treatment at least once a month. 

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

Popsugar Beauty is all about women’s beauty, but not when it puts your life in danger. You can learn what products can be harmful to your skin and which beauty products to avoid and why.  

How to Treat colored hair

That sizzling new look will make you feel different and turn you into a new you.  But that look must also follow certain rules. No need to worry, Popsugar gives up-to-date remedies for colored hair and what products to use.  

Not Wearing Makeup can be liberating

The company promotes beauty and recommends products for skin care that can give your face a glow and texture that you could go makeup free if you choose. Try it and it can also change your life.