Red, red, red. Who likes red? Everyone. Especially nails because they are so sexy and feminine. For years, red nails have been a symbol of a strong, passionate woman who knows what she wants and when she wants it. That is why this color has been through a lot of changes. Today, shades of red are basic. Here is the most interesting new red nail art that will make you speechless.


1.Red and Gold - This red nail design will shine in the spotlight. It will be noticed from a mile away! So elegant, so wild. It is more for the night out, and could be a perfect match for a black satin dress.


2.Red and Black on Matte - Fierce and sexy, this combination is a lot more. It gives you a not-so-serious style, but is still elegant and classy. You can wear this kind of nails art at work, but be careful about the colors of your outfit and makeup. Perhaps a gray color business suit will be the perfect choice.


3.Glitter red - It is time for the party! The glitter red nails turn your mood to party mood. If you don’t have so much time for your nails, this one will work for you so easily because it works also on short nails. Just put it on and feel free. Time to sparkle!


4.Red rose - The plain red nails are simple and easy to apply. That is why this color is a perfect solution for all working women who want to look fabulous and, at the same time, be able to control all the work, catch up on important tasks or have meetings with colleagues.