If you want to amp your makeup style but don't want to hurt your budget, then Huda Kattan probably has some advice for you. Using cheap makeup, this American beauty has tons of tricks to make you look gorgeous. 

The Artist

This makeup expert was born and raised in the United States.  She then went on to study finance and moved to Dubai.  The recession brought in some doubts to her career choice.  Being passionate about makeup her entire life, she decided to follow her passion for makeup.  She then made the leap back to the U.S., namely to Los Angeles to become a professional makeup artist at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School.

"After learning all the tricks of the trade and garnering a wealth of experience from some of the best experts in the industry, I decided I had to share this with other women who loved makeup the way I did. I started my blog in 2010 to be a place for women to explore and share beauty," Huda says in her blog. 

The Brand

In 2013 and joining forces with her sisters, Mona and Alya, they decided to launch their brand,  Huda Beauty.  

"Combining my years of experience testing products, my professional makeup skills, and my very picky eye, I am proud that I can create products that I believe are truly valuable for every makeup lover."

The shop has everything you need to always have a gorgeous look.  You can also of course enjoy all the beauty tips and tricks that Huda has for you, regardless of the type of makeup you have at home.  

Huda shares all her beauty tips on her blog.  She has an active YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers, where she gives tutorials on how to get the best out of your makeup.