Women of all ages can look beautiful no matter how old they are. It is important to think about the things you like on your face and how you can hide those tiny imperfections and you can still look amazing and fresh.
There are some makeup tricks you can try, and simply see if it suits you or not. What is really important when you want to do your makeup is to accept this rule – less is more.
That means that you shouldn’t wear heavy makeup, because it will make you look much older than you actually are.
Avoid eyeliner and metallic shadows, because they will highlight your wrinkles and dropping eyelids. What you can do for your face is to apply the mascara and lighter colors because your eyes will look bigger and your face will look more fresh and young.
Think of your skin as a friend, not your enemy, so your skin will look good only if you provide it with a proper care and good cosmetic products. Skin at a certain age becomes dryer, so you need to invest your money and buy a nourishing cream.
Find something that will remove your wrinkles or at least soothe them. When you discover what cream is good for you, use it as a foundation, before you apply your makeup.
Do not use darker shades of your lipstick. It will make you look older and that is not something you want to accomplish. Instead of using those dark colors, pick the lighter ones because then your lips will look softer and more beautiful.
Choose colors such as baby pink or maybe the color of your skin, beige.