Unless you've been living under a proverbial rock these past few months, you would know how the late 90s is making a comeback. In the fashion world, what many refer to as "Matrix Fashion" is all the rage these days.

Bella Hadid was one of the first noteworthy celebs to step out clad like a character from the classic 90s film, wearing black leather trousers and a blazer, with super-skinny dark glasses to top it off. As expected, Kim Kardashian did not let herself be outdone, wearing a leather duster and shades while in LA.

Look up Black Vinyl these days and you'll find hundreds of fashion items that feel like more of a fit for the 90s than today, which makes you wonder, what gives? Why is "Matrix Fashion" trending all of a sudden? It's been years since the film's release, and it's not like a sequel has been teased to come anytime soon.

So, really, why? Well, the truth is, we don't exactly know. However, it might have something to do how the world is today. Social media, for example, has become a landscape so manipulated by its users and developers that the line between what's real and what's not is often blurred. Some say that the costumes worn by the protagonists of The Matrix have become something that people look to as a symbol of strength.

Either way, the only thing that we do know is that regardless of where you look, you'll find traces of the Matrix trend. It's all the fashion world talks about these days with the more trendy and slim sunglasses, and black leather.

Besides, if it's good enough for Kim and Keanu, then who are we to judge?