Being fashionable and staying dry are two things that Chanel has set as a priority. Of course, if you are willing to enjoy this exclusiveness, then you probably have no issue with giving up over $1K.  The new Chanel plastic rain hat can be yours for $1,150.

With this model, the French fashion house joins the PVC see-through accessories trend.  There are several see-through styles that could perfectly match your fancy new hat. These accessories were huge in the spring of 2018 styles. These items are now available for purchase.  

The plastic bag is perfect to combine with your fancy plastic rain hat.  For the price of $590 this chic and big plastic bag can be yours.  Plastic coats are also a thing that we are seeing more frequently on the streets.  

Last year, Chanel’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld made quite an impression when he sent models on the runway wearing plastic waterproof accessories. Kaia Gerber, one of his top models, was wearing her plastic accessory with twin separates and a white denim mini-skirt.  

But what is up with these rain hats?  A closer look would make them appear as the kind of thing that works only on the runway. However, there are real people wearing them on the streets.  

The price tag on this rain hat is a bit out of reach, especially considering that it is equal to or more than some people's paycheck and especially considering that the hat is a transparent PVC see-through. It features a fancy band around the hat with the company's logo. 

Now, if you are on a budget, you can try the more "affordable" $550 transparent headband.